World Clarity is a not-for-profit project (we’re in the process of setting it up formally as a non-profit foundation).

This page describes some of the steps we’re taking to realise the World Clarity Vision and gives details about how you can get involved…

Funding for the World Clarity Project comes from the following domains:

a) From Clarity Consulting projects via their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 1-for-1 Model. CSR 1-for-1 is very simple; for every day of facilitation Clarity Consulting delivers to their corporate clients, they fund a World Clarity programme with a nominated social organization for free (Eg. a charity, a school etc).

b) All profits from sales of Clarity merchandise go towards the World Clarity Project.

c) Corporate Sponsorship – if you would like to explore the possibility of your company sponsoring a World Clarity Project please contact us on or by phoning +44 (0)207 0998305.

d) Individual donations – if you would like to contribute to the project personally then you can visit our Just Giving Page and get the full details here (coming soon!)

The World Clarity team includes Jamie Smart, Mandy Spray, Donna Churchman, Deborah Banner and Jo Munday.